Current Announcements

Current Announcements

We share with you all the campaigns, news and developments that are or will take place on our internet store. Thus, we prevent possible problems that may occur during your order and offer you a better quality shopping experience. Do not forget to join our newsletter so that we can share with you the discounts and discounts on our store. You can reach our current announcements via the tabs below.


  • Our Internet Store Opened :)

    Our online store, where you can find thousands of products and brands, was opened.

    All purchases you make from our internet store, where you can buy quality cheap, are shipped on the same day.

  • and Stores Are Coming Soon

    We work harder and renew in order to serve you better. Our store, based on customer satisfaction, without compromising our quality, is now even closer to you.

    Our and stores will be at your service very soon with the same name. Thank you in advance for your support.

  • Our Payment at the Door Option Has Been Closed.

    In line with the notifications from our customers on our internet store, the payment system at the door has been turned off indefinitely as of 21.09.2020.