Ottomobilim Return Policy

After the product is opened by authorized service employees, if any damage / defect / defect is detected in the product, you must have the authorized service employees fill in a situation determination report / service form / service report in which the problem is noted in detail. If you want to return the product after receiving this document, you can return the product by getting the return code on the website and delivering the product to the courier.

  • The return period is 15 days from the date you receive it.
  • To return your products for FREE, you need to get a return shipping code. To get a return shipping code, click "How can I do the return process?" Follow the steps in the question.
  • You can return your products with the shipping company shown in the return step.
  • Single-use products and products that deteriorate rapidly or that are likely to expire are not accepted.
  • If the products reach us in a used, worn, washed condition, we may have to send them back to you. In this case, no refund will be made.
  • Click to See Quick Return Form.
Ottomobilim Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Can We Check The Store's Address When Returning Products?

    If you made purchases with your Member account on our website; Press the Quick Return Form button in the My Account menu. Fill in the relevant form and send it to us. It is enough to deliver the product and invoice to our contracted cargo with the code to be given to you.

    If you are a guest user, you can create your return request and see the return address information from the Order Details link in the e-mails sent to you after shopping.

  • How Do I Have To Send The Product I Will Return?

    Before shipping the product, make sure you pack it well. Putting the products in a suitable box with protective materials such as bubble bags and foam is the safest shipping way.

  • When Is The Refund?

    Depending on the processes and practices of the banks, it may take an average of 3 days to reflect the refund on credit cards and debit cards.

    The returned product price will be reflected in your account as a positive balance. If you have paid with the order, the shipping fee will be deposited with the refund. You can contact your bank for detailed information.

  • Can I Get Another Product Instead Of A Refund?

    It is possible to purchase a different product instead of a refund. If there is a price difference between the product you purchased and the new product you will buy, the negative amount will be refunded to you. If the price difference is positive, you will be reflected on the price difference invoice.

  • I Pay By Credit Card, Will There Be A Different Way Of Refund?

    In case of canceling the order after paying by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. It is not possible to get a refund with other methods.

    Note: For purchases made by credit card, the refund amount will be reflected on your credit card as a positive balance within 3 business days, depending on the banks' density and process practices. You can contact your bank for detailed information.