Payment Options

You can pay for your purchases on by credit card, debit card, virtual card, money order, BKM Express, Masterpass, GarantiPay, Paycell, Fibabanka Shopping Loan, Yapi Kredi Shopping Loan, İşbank Instant Shopping Loan, Garanti Shopping Loan or You can do so with Akbank Direct Pay. Credit usage conditions and credit rating may vary according to banks. has no effect on the evaluation of loan applications or credit allocation.

Havale ile ödeme yapabilmek için Akbank Direkt Öde, İş Bankası ile Öde, Albaraka ile Öde, DenizBank, Kuveyt Türk QR Kod İle Ödeme veya VakıfPay seçeneklerini kullanabilirsiniz.

Cash on delivery method is not currently used.

You can find detailed information about payment options below.

Payment in Installments by Credit Card

  • Axess: Axess, Wings, Fish, Free, Axess Business, Wings Business, Odea Axess and Carrefour Axess cards with interest-free 3, 6 installments and maturity-different 9, 12, 15 and 18 installments
  • Bankkart Combo : Ziraat Bankası Combo kartlarına vade farksız 3, 6 ve vade farklı 9, 12, 15 ile 18 taksit
  • Bonus: Garanti Bank Bonus Card, Shop & amp; Fly credit cards, Miles & amp; Warranty Smiles credit cards, American Express, Sea bonus TEB Bonus, Bonus Sugar, ING Bonus Card Happy Turkey due to financial and Eurobank Tekfen Bonus card undistinguished 3, 6 and 9 installments
  • CardFinans: Finansbank and Advantage credit cards are paid in 3, 6 installments with no maturity and 9, 12, 15 and 18 installments with different maturities
  • Maximum: İş Bankası Maximum ve Maximiles kartlarına vade farksız 3, 6, 9 taksit ve vade farklı 12, 15 ile 18 taksit
  • Initials: Halk Bank cards have 3, 6 installments with no interest and 9, 12, 15 and 18 installments with different maturities
  • Worldcard: Yapı Kredi Bankası Worldcard, Vakıfbank Worldcard, Albaraka Worldcard ile Anadolubank Worldcard kartlarına vade farksız 3, 6, 9 taksit ve vade farklı 12, 15 ile 18 taksit uygulanmaktadır.
  • * 6 installments for the cash price are valid for orders totaling 300 TL and above, 9 installments for orders of 500 TL and above.

    ** The order amount must be 75 TL or more for shopping in installments.

    *** A maximum of 3 installments are applied for Bonus Genç and Flexi cards.

Installment Limitation

According to the regulation of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) that regulates installment payments, the number of installments is limited to 12 months for purchases made with credit cards, and a maximum of 18 months for white goods and furniture purchases. This time; 6 months for electronic goods purchases, 6 months for computer and domestic travel purchases, 3 months for international travel purchases, and 8 months for jewelery-related expenses excluding print and bullion. 12-month installments are applied for television purchases below 3.500 TL, and 6 months for television purchases above 3.500 TL. There is no installment option for expenditures related to food, fuel, telecommunications, cosmetics and office supplies.

Transfer Options

  • You can make your payment using the transfer option from your Garanti, İş Bankası, or Ak Bank deposit account.
  • In order to make a transfer, it is sufficient to have an account in these banks and to use the internet / mobile banking services of the relevant bank. You will be directed to the relevant bank's page after you make your bank selection on the page offered with the ComPay infrastructure, where you will be directed to the payment stage. After you approve the payment transaction with the verification information that your bank will request from you, your payment will be made instantly and you will be automatically directed back to
  • For purchases made by wire transfer from your Garanti, İş Bankası, or Ak Bank deposit account, in case you want to return the product and your refund is accepted, the product price will be refunded to your related deposit account.