Ottomobilim Winners Club

Ottomobilim Wins Winners Club!

Ottomobilim Winners Club offers its members a privileged shopping experience with different discount rates and campaigns. Participants in the privileged world of Ottomobilim Winners Club can benefit from personalized discounts, campaigns and discounted products, and receive priority service from Customer Service via telephone and live calls. Become a member of Ottomobilim Winners' Club and benefit from special offers, extra discounts and exclusive services.

The Winners Club offers you special advantages and unique privileges.

Anyone who is a member of and has purchased 1000 TL or more in three separate baskets in the last year is eligible to become a member of the Ottomobilim Winners Club.


Same-Day Returns with Express Refund

As soon as you give up the order, you have the advantage of getting the product price back without waiting for the approval of the seller with the "Express Refund" option.


Additional Discounts, Extra Discounts

In addition to discounts, you can make the most advantageous shopping with extra discount opportunities and earn every day.


Winners Club My Customer First Solution Center

Get privileged service from phone, e-mail or live chat services with the My Customer First Solution Center specially designed for you.


Surprise Winners Day Campaigns

Only you can benefit from the Winners' Day campaigns, where thousands of products are offered for sale at real discounts.


Become a member of our site

In order to benefit from the advantages of Ottomobilim Winners Club, the first step is to become a member of our website.


Your Target Purchase Amount

After you place an order of 1000 TL or more at three different times and complete your shopping successfully by confirming your orders, you can be included the next day.


Join the Winners Club

You can benefit from the privileges offered to you for one year after your joining the Ottomobilim Winners Club.